Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

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01:08 – How do I know that I am ready for a Virtual Assistant?
02:23 – What to do before looking for a Virtual Assistant
03:46 – Where can I find a Virtual Assistant?
04:39 – How to narrow down your candidates
05:19 – How to hire your Virtual Assistant

As a busy web professional, you’ll eventually hit a point where you need to outsource elements of your business in order to scale up. It’s all very well playing the hero on your own when you’re starting out, but long-term growth requires a team.

When it’s time to consider hiring a virtual assistant?
Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Your time should largely be spent on high-value tasks where you can productively apply your talent and skills — and charge a suitably rewarding rate for doing so. If you’re finding yourself drowning in minor administrative tasks on a regular basis, that’s an excellent indication it’s time to get some on-demand assistance.

What to do before you take action?
Virtual assistants aren’t magicians. They’re not going to be able to read your mind and mysteriously pinpoint the exact areas you require assistance in. Take a bit of time and document exactly how you’re currently carrying out the tasks you’re looking to offload. Emails? Expense sheets? Appointments?

Where to find suitable candidates?
The obvious one-word answer here is online. However, before you take to the web, have a serious think about whether there’s anyone in your immediate professional or personal circles who might be looking for some work on the side. There’s an awful lot to be said for in-person contact and leveraging existing relationships when it comes to working closely with someone.

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How to narrow down the field?
As with most things in life, selecting purely on price is can be massively counterproductive. You value your own time, so you should have no problem valuing that of the people you’re looking to take on. Proficiency in English is also obviously high up on the list of requirements, but you won’t necessarily be looking for native proficiency in many contexts.

Once you’ve established a list of people who are strong communicators and who offer their services for what seems like a sane rate, the key characteristics you’re after are straightforward — you want someone who’s highly organized, reliable, and who has verifiably done the job before.

How to go about hiring?
As you move through the various stages involved in setting up the task and checking results, you’ll get a very precise feel for who the best candidate really is. From there, it’s just a question of picking who to hire and locking them into a regular working arrangement.

Make sure you’re evaluating both your new employee and yourself from all sides. With that kind of awareness, you’ll have the best possible chance for a healthy, long-term working relationship.

Hiring a virtual assistant can seem like a daunting idea when you’re used to operating as a lone ranger, but it’s a smart way of easing into scalable hiring. You’re by no means guaranteed to knock it out of the park the first time around, but the points we’ve covered will give you an excellent chance of striking gold early on.

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