I’m so excited to be trying some Vitamins guys!! Literally cannot wait to see the effects they will have on me. This video is sponsored by Vitabiotics but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I’ve been on the vitamins for 2 weeks now and I will be letting you guys how I get on with them.

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31 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY”

  1. So when you meal prep that way, don't you get bored of eating the same food throughout the week ? How do you not want to eat junk or something else to satisfy cravings ? Love these kind of videos byw . Really motivating ! Thanks for keeping it real Anoushka

  2. As a student in UK, I used to buy fresh veggies and could never possibly use them all. I have recently resorted to buying frozen veggies, and oh my goodness- such a life saviour. Thank you for your videos. They are great, and being in UK, I can relate to the products as well- which is even greater since now I'm gonna try the mediterannean mix veggies next.

  3. You should try cutting out oils for a week. It really helps. Literally cook with water rather than oil, and bake whatever you can rather then fry it. It sounds hard and I thought it would be too but once you get the hang of cooking with water you seriously won’t miss the oil. It cuts out so many calories that you can either replace with more food or cut out all together.

  4. You have really glowed up, your hair is looking amazing, your teeth are looking amazing, your body is looking amazing. You are just living your best life 💕

  5. You know what my problem is? The meal that you meal prepped looks good, yes, and it's definitely something I could eat without hating it, but somehow it wouldn't 'satisfy' me. That's my biggest problem. Somehow I don't just serve my body food for don't being hungry anymore, food has to satisfy my mind, it has to 'reward' me. I don't know how to explain it. and that's why I can't change my habits. people are telling me if you really want to, you will but it's definitely not that easy 🙁

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