The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your 8th Chakra

We’ve all heard of the 7 main chakras, however do you know that there’s really the eighth chakra inside the human physique? Dubbed by some because the ‘hidden chakra’, the eighth chakra could be a little tough to faucet into as it’s linked to the upper self. It takes a complete lot of non secular reflection and meditation to have the ability to find, and much more so, activate this chakra.

What’s the eighth Chakra?

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Though it’s a a lot lesser-known chakra, the eighth chakra holds a lot potential energy as soon as it’s opened. In line with Deborah King, New York Instances bestselling writer, this chakra is the gateway between your immortal soul and your earthly character. Activating this power centre provides you heightened non secular consciousness and divine compassion.

It additionally frees you from the chains of undesirable power that you’ve unconsciously saved through the years. Letting go of those emotional blockages considerably helps you in navigating life with a a lot clearer thoughts and soul.

Hidden Powers of the eighth Chakra

We regularly seek advice from the powers of the eighth chakra as hidden as a result of activating this power level doesn’t occur in a single day. It’s a protracted, gruelling technique of fixed non secular practices and meditation. Its potential is unknown to most of us as a result of it sits on the very core of the soul. Consider it as mining gold that was buried thousands and thousands of years in the past. It could appear inconceivable to uncover at first, however it’s there. You simply have to work with the suitable intentions coupled with endurance and perseverance.

The final word energy of the eighth chakra is its means to transcend the earthly. Though it maintains an in depth connection to our earthly selves, it opens us as much as our increased selves that possess divine information.

Connecting to our increased selves means getting access to an expanded universe the place we will perceive issues past our earthly capabilities. The upper self is deemed as the most effective model of ourselves so after we talk with it, we get to reassess our earthly choices outfitted with rather more non secular depth and knowledge.

One other hidden energy of the eighth chakra is clearing out our karmic residue. After we say karmic residue, these are the pointless patterns and knowledge that we’ve constructed over time. These residual energies can block our non secular awakening as they act as emotional baggage which will blind us. With the activation of the eighth chakra, you may flush out all these blockages out of your system. It’s like a soul detox!

Qualities of the eighth Chakra

Curious to know extra concerning the eighth chakra? Listed below are some fast details on this chakra’s qualities:


  • The eighth chakra sits roughly two inches above the top, proper above the Crown chakra.


  • Whereas some could say that its chakra color is both gold or white, many consider that the eighth chakra is definitely iridescent.



  • The eighth chakra bears messages of divine love and compassion, reference to the upper self, soul-cleansing, and discovering your non secular function.


  • This chakra’s themes are timelessness, transcendence, and divine notion.


  • I’ve the flexibility to attach with the cosmic realm.
  • My thoughts and soul can transcend the boundaries of my earthly capabilities.
  • My soul is free from all of the emotional blockages which might be hindering my non secular awakening.

Connection to Greater Chakras

Though we’re used to studying about simply the 7 chakras, it is very important word that there are literally 12 chakras inside our our bodies. The eighth to twelfth chakras are thought-about the upper chakras, as they transfer additional away from human expertise and nearer to divine spirituality.

We will have a look at the eighth chakra as the primary door in the direction of a extra expansive universe. The upper you go, the deeper your awakening shall be.

The eighth chakra additionally serves as a checkpoint of the power circulate amongst all chakras. As it’s the first of the 5 increased chakras, it’s seen as the principle balancer of messages/power that flows downwards to the 7 chakras, and vice versa. It’s protected to say that your power can’t get by the upper chakras (ninth to twelfth) with out with the ability to activate the eighth chakra first.

The way to Activate Chakras within the Human Physique

Activating one chakra means activating all chakras. As all of them work collectively, it is very important lay the groundwork of participating the 7 chakras first earlier than shifting to the upper ones. 

So, how do you activate these power centres?

There are numerous methods to interact your chakras relying on which one you need to concentrate on first. Every chakra possesses distinctive messages and themes. Activating every one means aligning your intentions together with your chosen chakra. For instance, in case you are attempting to faucet into your coronary heart chakra, you would possibly need to spend extra time doing a meditation that zooms in to like for one’s self and others. If you wish to open your Crown chakra, alternatively, you may discover yoga practices that target the top or the higher space of the physique.

One necessary factor to recollect when activating your chakras is that you just need to do it in a holistic method. Participating all chakras permits us to align the power that flows by every one. As soon as you might be achieved with opening your 7 chakras, you are actually prepared to maneuver to discover the 5 increased ones.

Opening the eighth Chakra

The important thing to opening your eighth chakra is finding it first by slowly making your approach up. Because it sits proper above the seventh chakra, it’s anticipated that you just interact your 1st to seventh chakras first.

Think about your power shifting from the bottom of your pelvis as much as the highest of your head. Do that for a few occasions till you may really feel the pure circulate of your power upwards. Then harness that power on the prime of your head or the Crown chakra. At this level, you ought to be conscious that you’re now leaving the bodily chakras and shifting into the upper ones.

Visualize a tube or a wire pointed upwards. It will function the pathway to your power in the direction of the upper dimensions. Because the eighth chakra is positioned roughly two inches above the top, just remember to envision its motion in regard to this measurement. 

Individuals who have activated their eighth chakra say that it’s regular to really feel lightheaded at first. You might also really feel some tingling in your fingers. After getting gained management of your power, you’ll really feel an amazing sense of calmness.

That is the beginning of your connection together with your increased self. In some circumstances, you could be given visions of your soul’s historical past or what we name the Akashic information. Alternatively, you could expertise the opening of your eighth chakra in a really delicate approach. 

Whichever path you could end up in, you need to do not forget that you can not pressure the ability of the eighth chakra, or any chakra for that matter. It’s going to reveal precisely what you should see. It has its personal tempo and its personal timing.

For this reason it will be important that earlier than you begin participating your eighth chakra, you might be well-prepared for no matter non secular insights it could convey you.

eighth Chakra Meditation

Typically, any sort of meditation or non secular follow might help you interact your eighth chakra. What’s extra necessary than the kind of meditation you comply with is your soul’s preparedness. The intentions you set earlier than meditating considerably matter too.

For those who’re on the lookout for a step-by-step information to eighth chakra meditation, you may start with these:

  1. Begin with the bottom of your backbone the place your root chakra is. Think about your power as a ball that you should get to the highest. After getting grounded your self on this chakra, you may transfer as much as the following.
  2. The following chakra is the sacral chakra positioned in your pelvic area. One outstanding signal that you’ve efficiently engaged this chakra is if you really feel a way of radiant power.
  3. The photo voltaic plexus chakra positioned round your stomach button requires you to take just a few deep breaths into the stomach earlier than shifting as much as the following chakra.
  4. Now it’s time to faucet into your coronary heart chakra. Chill out your chest. Really feel your power sitting proper on it.
  5. Transfer as much as your neck to interact your throat chakra. Breathe in by your mouth and just remember to really feel the air’s motion by your throat.
  6. Subsequent, concentrate on the centre of your brows. The third eye chakra lets you be calm and assume clearly.
  7. Now you’ve gotten reached the crown chakra on prime of your head. Permit your self to dispel all pointless ideas. Empty your thoughts as you progress past the bodily physique.
  8. Think about your ball of power shifting out of your head and starting to hover above it. This visualization ought to make you are feeling an amazing sense of peace like nothing else issues.
  9. When you’re prepared, slowly convey your power again to the bottom of your backbone the place you started. Preserve the calmness for just a few extra minutes earlier than doing one other exercise.

Probably the most necessary issues about opening the eighth chakra is that you just handle your expectations. Whereas some could expertise a full-on imaginative and prescient of their increased selves, there may be nothing improper with simply getting a glimpse of it. Buying divine information and deeper spirituality is at all times a novel course of for every particular person.

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