Karma is not the Problem #SadhguruOnKarma

In response to a question about karma and the mind, Sadhguru reminds us that spiritual process should not be an academic subject, but an experiential longing …


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18 thoughts on “Karma is not the Problem #SadhguruOnKarma”

  1. Again TY
    Thinking about the fit for me.
    I ask is there no virtue in either event .
    Or equally .
    What is the detriment
    Is it not the secret of this heart which lies in first place no mater what the outside assessment.

    In other words.
    If a man struggles his whole life thru.
    Never hitting center .

    According to outside assessment.

    Yet he brings all his faith and plays in the face of it all.

    Meaning himself.

    He still eats, sleeps, smiles, laughs.

    Just not all the time.

    This is true anyway.

    So false suffering out of (steering)
    For something better because of wishing for the highest good of all conserened.

    For me is an act with no attention on outcome. Nor assessment of outcome.

    I can say two very opposite interpretations.

    About the very same outcome.

    The other side for me is this.

    To the ability that I can truly love myself.
    I can truly be the outcome.

    The more self knowledge I gain the more pragmatic I must get with myself.

    This is my process only and mine alone.

    Wether I'm in realtime satisfaction across the board with myself or not.

    I seek to know this.

    But not for myself.

    It's really for everyone else around me.

    This is the only worth while backdrop.

    If I master anything.
    And no one is there to see or hear about or know it.

    I will not budge an inch for it.

    But for others.
    And that's my question to myself .
    Who are my others.

    How pragmatic am I at my core right now ! Meaning moment by moment.

    This is the challenge.

    Only because I know eventually I would come to the conclusion that .

    The end game top rung challenge for me would be full inclusion first and last and every in between.

    With little or nothing of reward for myself other than to bask in everyone's self completions.
    Meaning their abundance of freeing knowledge. And THINGS ALONG THE WAY.

    I am greatful for all the THINGS ALONG THE WAY in my life.

    Maybe I can acknowledge others around me for giving me the things along the way of value the give to me.

    I mean everyone around me each day.
    Weather they are in caricature and don't know it or DO KNOW IT.

    I can find something grand in there hearts.

    Yes I can see the secret of there hearts as they folly fail backslide or founder.

    There triumph is their birthright.
    In there G-d's eye. He or she or whom ever two . Should be joyous at too seeing the secroof there hearts.

    Oh the point of view for me about others?

    I'm blessed because they so perfectly and wonders ly decorate my life.

    I'm greatful for this and for the space to share this.

    It's for me from all of us.
    Definitely not from me.

    I'm know thing.
    I'm nothing
    Thinking about knowing things.

    Thinking the knowing of which
    Equals something worth knowing.

    Latter to be applied or utilized as a filter perhaps.

    But all this . If not for others first has no power at all.
    It doesn't move me on bit.
    In fact To shy away from celebrity has alway been a knee jerk reaction for me.

    People tend to make too much of the source of expansion.

    When recognition comes while in the pretense of everyday familiarity.

    A Star is unattainable for most.
    At best they come away with a peak experience. Or not.

    I'm living my heart is on the sleeve.

    I need to take it easy on everyone then even more and more.

    Myself as well.

    G-d bless for the living you have chosen to assist in affording Aliveness please accept my deepest gratitude! SADHGURU.

    It's my thoughts comming thought to me.

    It's not from me this me this earth me.
    But it is me the other me that is also all of us as well..

    Sounds a little strange to some I bet .
    Maybe a Lott to others.

    I'm going to do nothing about that.

    Bless thank you

    I will say what did I state here ?
    Was I driven by ego…. some?

    Did I come back to center.

    I did

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