I Tried Retinol (p.1: my experience) | Lakisha Adams

In today’s video, I’m sharing my experience with retinol. What does retinol purging look like, retinol peeling the skin, retinol drying the skin, and how to combat it.

Part 2: Best ways to use retinol to avoid irritation and help heal acne

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0:00 Introduction
0:53 Biossance
3:16 Drunk Elephant
7:33 Naturium
8:44 Laroche Posay

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7 thoughts on “I Tried Retinol (p.1: my experience) | Lakisha Adams”

  1. I’ve been using adapalene 0.1% since 2018/2019. I definitely purged by week 2 and then again week 4/5. I didn’t work up to it, I just started using it everyday over Cerave moisturizer (the one in the tub). Once the purging ended, my skin had a noticeable glow that everyone still compliments me on — which lets be honest, is like the highest compliment someone can give a girl in her 30s! I want to try something stronger because I want to target (or slow down) fine lines and wrinkles; maybe tretinoin or a higher strength retinol. Anyone else try adapalene before switching to something stronger? I know going to a derm is the best option, but I live in the US and going to any dr is just way out of my budget. Hence, my prolonged use of adapalene 😅

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