How to Reach Your Full Potential in Life

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34 thoughts on “How to Reach Your Full Potential in Life”

  1. I think the one thing that separates sucessful people is really the doing part.I work as a personal trainer, and i train some of,what i consider, sucessful people in my area and if i could sum up what they all talk about is that they do what they have to do.Of course theres some guy that henrited some big land or bussines but thats not what i talking about.One story that touched me was a guy,he sold his first house with little kids and wife to take care, to invest in his business and he suceed.It wasnt easy he said, but he was always looking for the outcome.We as youngsters could argue "oh their times were a lot more easier than nowadays" etc but take the guy who sold his house example,but not literally,i know that imobiliary market is a hell of a bloat nowadays,but ask yourselves: how many of us are willing to "sell" our confort zone to invest in our dream work?how many of us is willing to sacrifice a friday night to workout or read or study? as a matter of fact some of us are thinking in screwing over the weekend right after working on a 9-5 shit job …So its simple,but not easy,cause it envolves habit building and risk and there are not a lot of us willing to take it.

  2. Hey there!! Just discovered you and this resonates with me so much, I just wrote in my journal the other day a list of character traits that I want to work on developing bc I feel like who I am is the basis of my whole life experience. I also need to find a doable clear cut system to set goals and FOLLOW THROUGH. I am in the midst of being diagnosed with ADHD at 45 and see it as a positive thing as it explains why it has been so difficult for me to stay on track for most of my life so it has allowed me to let go of some long held self blame and is giving me a road map of sorts to finding the right strategies that will work for me considering my unique way of functioning. I have definitely not been living to my full potential, not even close, due in part to very low self esteem but also poor self mastery from lack of guidance and proper planning. Thx for your insights, I very much appreciate!!

  3. I don't really want to admit this to myself but I needed to hear this. Thank you Alex, you've been unusually on target for me lately, I appreciate that… and you.
    All the best for 2021, see you around.

  4. I've watched a half a dozen videos and they all promise worksheets or courses, but some have links broken, some have a sign up sheet, but then get a page not found message. Highly recommend that you check your links and funnels out, as they are not working at this time. You might be losing folks like me who want to learn what you have to teach!

  5. Incredible, rarely talked about nowadays, needed to hear that. My question is how do you handle people who are prying into your life in order to get material for gossip or just for comparison. What do you tell them if you don't want to tell them the truth. I know bout boundaries but at times if they are 'friends', asserting those can be awkward.

  6. Amazing lesson. I read somewhere that the 3 cancers of the mind are: criticism, comparison and whining. It blew my mind and completely changed my perspective on life itself! I loved the fact that two of these are part of your character traits. They will def are part of mine as well and I will be focusing more intentionally on them this coming year.

  7. This is interesting. I actually did this back in 2005 because I wanted to just be a better person. For 3 years I made one "New Year Resolution" to work on one thing for the entire year. I believe I had great success because they were relatively simple to do and became easier to do over time. 1. Be upfront and honest with people (I wasn't a liar or anything, but this kept me from suppressing how I felt with people and speak my mind.) 2. Be a person of my word. (This actually kept me from committing to things I knew I had zero interest in.) 3. Everything I think does not need to be said. (Yeah, I used to have something to say about everything, but this helped me utilize more wisdom in WHEN to speak.) In short, he's absolutely right. We all have to work to do.

  8. Praise be to Jesus Christ. Repent, seek God and he will find you wherever you are.

    This life on Earth is but the gauntlet and when your earthly body is dust, money and fame will not travel with your soul.

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