How To Pick Your Jump Rope Size

How To Pick Your Jump Rope Size In today’s video we cover a frequently asked question in this community – How do I pick the right sized jump rope? We give …



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  1. Hmmm Good thing this works
    I'm actually really short af
    Im 5"6 and my arm span is 5"10 which idk if that's a factor for my rope , back then i saw a video saying "just above your hips or in your belly button" and idk i always trip and im mad af

  2. I’m 4’10” & 90lbs and wanted to help my heart & lung health in a different way than running. I’ve started jumping rope with a children’s recess plastic chain style rope, and my husband says I sound like elephants. I get extremely winded which is fine cause I know that will change with practice, but is my stomping a sign I’m doing something wrong??

  3. Hey there question… by the way i love your workouts, your message, and your energy! I have jumped competitively for many years in the past like i can do tricks and things… i recently started incorporating jump rope back into my interval training routines again and want to replace my rope with your weighted ropes. However, I HATE long ropes and I am 5’5… I was going to get a small instead of a medium. I saw some 6ft guy with a small jumping and now I’m Scared the small will be too short lol Do you think I’m fine with a small? Thank you for your time!

  4. Hi
    I am 183cm tall and recently i bought L size rope but it feels short. I watched few videos an it said that for high efficiency is recomended short but i am worried that becase of it i would not be able to do tricks. From your expirience can you tell me did i make mistake choosing the length, do you use the same rope size for fit and strong set and do you do size excange for customer from EU

    Sorry for bad english


  5. 5'8" with broad shoulders, I needed to get the 9'6" (XL) Crossrope. (Two sizes up from where I fall on the sizing chart.) With a large I was constantly hitting my feet or landing on the rope…

  6. You two are great!…I have a problem: my left arm is weaker than the right, so my left wrist/hand stay lower when I jump.Besides that, I can not do CROSSOVER in a smooth way(I tried many times) and I think it is because the diffence of the wrists/hands…I do not know!!! How can I solve this?….I am worried about it because I have already knot the rope but it did not solve the problem.

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