Does Karma Really Exist?

Japanese philosophy believes every one in every of us continues to expertise karma in each second of our lives.

It’s mentioned no matter we’re experiencing in our life immediately is nothing however the results of our previous life karma. Sometime, if the soup served to us occurs to have additional salt in it, even that’s due to our previous karma; and if we’ve acquired some actually scrumptious dishes to relish, that too is due to karma. Even a pickpocket is merely an instrument within the unfolding of our karma to get robbed off our cash.

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Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, a religious instructor, explains the science

“It’s as a result of there are pending karmic accounts from the previous; in any other case, nobody can ever take something of yours. Nobody has the ability to take something in any respect. Furthermore, if somebody have been to take something, then that might truly be due to some ongoing previous karmic account. There is no such thing as a such individual born on the earth who can probably do something to anybody [without a cause]. The world is in such exact regulation. The world is in a lot regulation that, even when this massive taking part in discipline have been to be stuffed with snakes, not a single snake would contact you [without a cause]. That a lot this world is in regulation. This world relies on very exact karmic accounts”, says Dadashri.

Suppose there’s a massive crowd assembled in a floor. All of the sudden, a snake comes and bites an individual; he yells and falls down unconscious. If there are such a lot of folks, why did the snake come and chew this individual solely, and nobody else? It’s as a result of this individual alone, on this second, had a karmic account of snakebite that he paid off by struggling the chew. His previous life karma acquired prepared to present its fruit at this second, which was not the case with the others who have been current on the bottom. Subsequently, though the snake handed by so many individuals, so very carefully; but it didn’t do them any hurt.

Simply because the accounts in book-keeping are settled yr after yr, the accounts of karma are settled life after life. In life, we expertise the outcomes of the unfolding good and dangerous karma that have been sure in previous life. Subsequently, typically, in courtroom, even after having dedicated a homicide, an individual is acquitted on account of his unfolding good karma coming into impact. And the opposite individual, who could not have dedicated the crime, will get caught and has to go to jail as a result of his dangerous karma is unfolding then.

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Karma (trigger) may be decided from the consequence (impact)

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan additional explains, “All these are outcomes, much like the outcomes obtained in check examinations. Say one receives ninety-five marks out of 100 in arithmetic, whereas in English, he receives twenty-five marks out of 100. Then, would you not know the place the error lies? Primarily based on the outcomes, would you not be capable to determine the explanation why the errors have been made? All these circumstances that come collectively, they’re all a consequence. Now, from the consequence, the trigger (karma) behind that may be discovered.

A thorn from an acacia tree stays upright on a street, the place many individuals come and go on daily basis. A number of folks stroll on that street. However, the thorn stays in that exact same place. Now, you’d by no means go anyplace with out carrying any footwear. However on that day, you occur to be visiting somebody and when, swiftly, somebody shouts, “Thief! There’s a thief! There’s a thief right here”, in a rush, you instantly depart barefoot and the thorn finally ends up pricking you. Now, that’s your karmic account! As well as, it pricks you in such a way that it goes proper via (deep into your foot)! Now, who brings collectively all these circumstances? It’s vyavasthit (the results of scientific circumstantial evidences) that brings this collectively.”

The legal guidelines of nature

Narrating yet one more occasion, Dadashri states:

“Suppose your gold-chained pocket-watch slipped and fell within the Mumbai Fort space. Whenever you return residence, you wouldn’t have any hope of it being returned. However, two days later, you learn a discover within the newspaper stating, ‘Whosoever’s watch that is, come and gather it from us; giving us the proof of possession and the fee for the price of printing this discover.’ Therefore, no person can take away from an individual that which belongs to him (primarily based on his karmic account). Whereas, if it doesn’t belong to the individual (in accordance with his karmic account), then he isn’t going to get it. Nothing may be moved in any method, not even to the slightest extent, that’s how the world is in regulation.”

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The method of charging of recent karma, accumulating, ripening and giving the fruits of karma is all ruled by the legal guidelines of karma. When the rains fall, the crop ripens, right here too the legal guidelines of karma are working. Subsequently, it occurs that whereas so many individuals perhaps screaming, “Our cotton plantations have been burnt”, a small-scale farmer’s household within the neighborhood claims, “We did very effectively this time!” When an earthquake occurs, even there Nature catches maintain of these whose karma is due, not anybody else. Irrespective of the place you go, the legislation of karma is in operation in all places.

By no means has something occurred exterior the realm of justice of the legislation of karma

If somebody hurts us, it’s due to our personal karma, as there isn’t any such legislation which permits one to harm one other identical to that. There must be a trigger behind it. No matter now we have given in previous is precisely what we’re receiving immediately. Subsequently, we must always quietly settle for it, with out having any onerous emotions in anyway for that individual. That is the easiest way to settle our karma. One who desires to grow to be free from the bondage of karma won’t scream and shout in any respect, as a result of he’s effectively conscious that no matter I’ve obtained immediately is a results of my very own dangerous deeds (karma) of previous.

And, “Could nobody be harm via my ideas, phrases or actions”, must be our inside intent, pure and fixed; as a result of once we harm somebody we bind lot of dangerous karma, which in future shall deliver us monumental struggling and ache in life.

Relying on the sort of inside intent we bind new karma

The intent now we have on the time when our previous karma is getting discharged, accordingly new karma, good or dangerous, get charged from second to second. These charged karmas get accrued all through our life, and when one dies, they get carried ahead into the following life, in a refined type of karmic seeds. Thereafter, when the karmic seeds prepare to present fruit, all circumstances get collectively naturally in order that the charged karma can discharge.

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When the karma is discharging, we expertise its impact. If it’s the great karma that was charged, it brings forth good and nice impact on the time of discharge, which we like. But when it have been a nasty karma charged, on the time of discharge, it ends in bringing a few dangerous impact within the type of ache and struggling, which we detest. Thus, whereas experiencing the karmas, our intent of attachment in the direction of good results and that of hatred in the direction of dangerous results turns into the reason for new karma.

The basis explanation for karma is our unsuitable perception of doership!

Karma exists as a result of the assumption of doership exists in us. Once we imagine, “I did this, I did that…” we grow to be the doer. This perception turns into a assist for karma. But when we cease being the doer, the karma has no foundation or assist, so it falls away. We’re actually a Pure Soul. As soon as we come into the character of the Self i.e. the Soul, whose nature is to solely see and know with none attachment or abhorrence), no new karma will bind. This will occur solely when Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, makes us conscious of our Pure Self – that is referred to as Self-Realization!!! After that, new karmas don’t bind and outdated karmas proceed to discharge. When all of the karmas have discharged, we attain closing liberation.

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