Do You Have What You Want? | Shenaye Suggs

Do you have what you want in life? Do you feel like obtaining your desires or reaching your goals is hard work? Do you feel like you take two steps forward and ten steps back? Or maybe you keep throwing stuff at the wall hoping something sticks? How many diets have you tried? Routines? Self-help tips? I was there once, but this is what changed everything for me….

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have What You Want? | Shenaye Suggs”

  1. I have enough, and make the best of all, as I flow with my intuition god guide which is in balance and full of Surprises, along with getting signals of how to flow with my soul purpose, true needs, and ego desires, being aware that it is also Astrological. I love all of this God, and it naturally happens that I be mostly happy and ready for whatever God causes, in whatever form. I help anyone bring out their potential, and it excites me when I see anyone bring out their best, especially a lady showing how lovely she can be while being true and so free. Keep it Up, Shenaye.

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