Divine Masculine: What It Is & How To Awaken It

We’ve all heard of the Divine Female and the qualities of feminine power, however not a lot is claimed concerning the Divine Masculine. It is because history-wise, individuals have portrayed male power as overpowering and stern.

We grew up with the notion that the total potential of male power can solely be seen in dominating.

This is similar notion that reinforces issues like patriarchy and misogyny in our society at present. From dictators to abusers, these perpetrators are largely males.

What’s the Divine Masculine?

Some masculine power traits embrace being protecting, grounded, main, and courageous. Whenever you consider the best males in historical past, and even simply the nice males in your life, you’ll discover that there are comparable traits that they share.

sacred masculine, masculine energy traits

These males are normally the most effective individuals to depend on as a result of they’re accountable and secure. They make you’re feeling safe even with out phrases.

Most frequently than not, they don’t seem to be expressive however once they communicate, their phrases carry a lot weight. They’re your protectors.

So, is masculine power inherently evil?

No, however due to its sturdy nature, it’s prone to abuse. You will need to know, nonetheless, that the true masculine power by no means seeks to overpower something or anybody.

The Divine Masculine enhances the Divine Female. As a substitute of domineering, this power is all about stability, help, and power. If feminine power is leaning in the direction of feelings, male power enhances it by leaning extra to logic.

That is how the Divine Masculine and the Divine Female work. Though many individuals mistakenly see them as two opposing energies, they’re truly meant to enhance one another.

Is masculine power solely present in males?

Simply as how the Divine Female resides in every of us, all of us have the Divine Masculine inside our spirits too. We’re all created with these two wonderful energies inside us; we solely want to search out the best stability between them.

If you find yourself informed that you’re “too female” or “too masculine”, chances are high you in all probability haven’t explored the opposite power but. Keep in mind that the true religious awakening lies in harnessing these energies equally.

Why You Must Awaken Your Divine Masculine

There are a variety of advantages in awakening the Divine Masculine inside you. Whenever you get previous the concept of the polarity between female and male traits, you’ll discover that this sacred masculine power has a lot assist in retailer for you. 

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awaken divine masculine

You turn into extra assertive. Becaus masculine power is of course main, tapping into it makes you’re feeling extra assured about your self. It strips you off of your hesitance in the case of having the higher hand. One can find your self taking extra initiative in the case of group duties. Lastly, you should have extra braveness to say what you need, as a substitute of holding concepts to your self in concern of rejection.

Setting boundaries will get simpler. Female power is inherently caring, so it could be exhausting so that you can say no to individuals in case your masculine power isn’t woke up. Your masculine power lets you see issues past feelings. You get a lot psychological readability to do the logical factor: placing your self first. It’s not that masculine power isn’t form, however that it is aware of that you want to maintain your self first earlier than having the ability to maintain different individuals.

You turn into much less delicate. Digging deeper into the emotional stability this power brings, the Divine Masculine makes you course of emotions in a much less delicate means. When confronted with conflicts, you turn into extra goal along with your selections as a substitute of basing every thing in your present emotion. The Divine Female will be mushy, so it want masculine power to combine a sure stage of logic along with your feelings.

8 Methods to Awaken Your Divine Masculine

sacred masculine, masculine energy traits

#1 Study Your Concept of Masculinity

To awaken your sacred masculine power, you want to return to the concept of masculinity inside your self, your loved ones, and your group.

Understandably, the idea of manhood differs from tradition to tradition. All of us grew up with varied concepts of what a “actual man” is, however we share some common perceptions comparable to being sturdy, highly effective, and protecting. 

Now that you just’re in your journey to awakening your Divine Masculine, it’s crucial that you just understand masculinity with out bias and prejudice.

Gone are the times when males are anticipated to not cry, or once they couldn’t be informed to assist out with the family chores.

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As you go alongside, you will note manhood in a unique gentle. You’ll notice that being an actual man isn’t all about machismo. 

#2 Discover the Idea of Fatherhood

One other idea that you want to look at is fatherhood. What’s a father to you? What traits ought to a person possess to be thought of father? How is your relationship along with your father?

divine masculine, fatherhood

These are simply a few of the most necessary questions that you want to ask your self to find out the way you view fatherhood.

When you do not need a father determine, or your relationship along with your father is broken, you want to heal from these wounds to have the ability to develop your Divine Masculine.

It’s worthwhile to create an area in your coronary heart the place there isn’t a resistance to masculinity.

#3 Be Motion-Oriented

The Divine Masculine loves motion. It encourages individuals to maneuver and work for issues that can profit them.

A life filled with stagnancy is a life with out the sacred masculine power. Actual masculinity is all about being assertive with the issues that you really want in life.

It doesn’t tolerate passiveness.

To strengthen your Divine Masculine, it is best to discover the braveness to leap onto alternatives left and proper. Sure, you want to turn into a go-getter like by no means earlier than. 

#4 Tackle Management Roles

Now that you understand how the Divine Masculine hates stagnancy, you want to learn to at all times take the initiative.

Sacred masculinity grows in conditions the place you lead. It’s as a result of the Divine Masculine is a giver. It likes having the ability to contribute and be of assist to different individuals.

To some extent, you possibly can relate this to how we understand males as suppliers. As a result of masculine power dislikes being unused, it at all times finds a means to supply even only a small assist to anybody.

This energetic nature makes main a pack a straightforward job for you.

#5 Construct an Experience and Stick with It

Actual masculinity is all about progress and improvement. If you wish to awaken your Divine Masculine, you want to persevere in excelling in your chosen subject – or it doesn’t even must be a subject!

You’ll be able to choose a single talent and hone it till you turn into an skilled at it. It doesn’t matter which talent or what it’s for.

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The important thing right here is to make use of your masculine power to propel you into sticking to a aim or a program that can profit you sooner or later.

As you awaken your Divine Masculine, you can find your self at all times aiming for larger heights as a result of self-growth has certainly turn into a precedence.

#6 Develop Your Self-Confidence

Confidence is expressed in varied methods. It may be seen out of your phrases, your actions, and even simply out of your posture. Masculine power manifests probably the most in these three.

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Whenever you communicate and act confidently, it reveals individuals that there’s power in carrying your self. You must be capable of current your self in a means that captures respect and even admiration among the many individuals round you.

So, stand tall. Speak huge. Act assured. Growing your self-confidence is vital in creating your Divine Masculine. 

#7 Study Accountability

Actual masculinity doesn’t resist accountability. As a result of masculine power is a frontrunner by nature, you must also learn to be chargeable for your selections.

The Divine Masculine doesn’t make anybody excellent, nevertheless it teaches you the significance of proudly owning as much as your shortcomings. Enjoying the sufferer in any scenario is a giant no-no.

Realizing when to confess once you’re incorrect is an important a part of awakening the Divine Masculine. As you study to be accountable, you’ll notice that what’s extra embarrassing than making a mistake is denying it.

#8 Embrace Femininity

You could be confused, what does femininity must do with my Divine Masculine? As talked about, your masculine power is the opposite half of female power inside you.

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You can’t awaken the Divine Masculine for those who nonetheless have skewed views about girls. Actual masculinity doesn’t undermine the value of any lady.

It’s worthwhile to notice that femininity isn’t a hindrance to your masculinity. Study extra about girls. Study concerning the worth and performance of femininity in our society. 

Are you able to awaken your Divine Masculine? Inform us how you intend on tapping into your sacred masculine power within the feedback part under!

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