Bedtime Yoga Flow

Get ready for bed and with this nighttime yoga flow! Gentle and calming to help you work off the day and sleep great.

Want to level up your at-home yoga practice?
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This Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga style is an anatomy and physics based practice designed to build your poses in healthy alignment AND optimize your practice for more results in less time. Channel your inner-superhero and deep core strength!

Benefits of yoga include weight management, increased muscle strength, increased flexibility, improved energy, balanced metabolism, reduced stress, increased body awareness, improved posture, better sleep, boosted immune system, improved digestive health and MANY more.

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Disclaimer: Yoga is for everyone; however, yoga is an individual experience. Only you know your own body and its limits. By practicing this video you agree that you do so at your own risk and understand there is an inherent risk associated with any exercise program. Like any exercise program, please consult your health care physician with any questions or concerns.

ABOUT ME: I help nerds and yogis master their home yoga practice to live their most dynamic life on and off the mat! You have the power of the universe inside you. Use your yoga practice to unleash your strength and find your power. And with CSV Yoga you get to work smarter not harder creating a life-long practice. Plus I add in some yoga fusion just for fun 🙂


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