7 Tips for Taking a Vacation as an Entrepreneur

How to take a vacation and detach from your business
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00:36 – Prepare yourself for vacation
01:00 – Meditate
01:43 – Prepare your clients
02:23 – Set some deadlines
02:43 – Stay on top of your workflow
03:20 – Ease back into work
03:41 – Set time limits on working

One of the best things about owning your own business is that you get to take a vacation whenever you feel like it. The problem is, there never feels like enough time. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks out there to help you run your business while you vacation like an entrepreneur and catch some much needed R&R. If you’re part of the entrepreneurial movement, let’s review some tips that can help you get the most out of your R&R time.

1) Prepare yourself
Are you concerned about not responding to any emails or inquiries that would come in, worried a client may need you, etc.? Take some time before your trip to put your mind at ease, let go of the worry, and embrace the time to recharge. No amount of piña coladas can really solve your “big” problem. The key is to get your mind to a clear place. Meditate when you’re busy and when you’re on vacation. It will make a two-week break feel like a month-long break to your body.

2) Tell your clients you’re going to take a vacation
You need to set the expectation that you’re going to be “Out of Office” for a while. Hey, your clients take a vacation and they won’t take your phone calls, right? So they should extend you the same courtesy. If necessary, plan your vacation months in advance and start working ahead so you can take your whole vacation off.


3) Stay on top of workflow
Be careful to stay on top of your workflow and know exactly what projects you need to finish before you go so you can actively manage client requests. This will ensure you don’t promise too many things to too many people in a short period of time and that you can manage your client’s expectations effectively. Give your clients a deadline to ask you for new projects or work to be done before your trip. This gives you time to wrap everything up before your trip. Just make sure if you do end up giving your clients a deadline, stick to it.

4) Leverage auto-responders and follow up sequences
Follow up sequences are your best friends while you’re on vacation. First, set up an autoresponder for your email address, so anyone who emails you while you’re gone gets a message back letting them know you’re on vacation and will respond as soon as you get back. Do this with your voicemail message as well in case anyone tries to call while you’re away.

5) Keep track of post-trip workflow

Managing your workflow when you get back from vacation is where a lot of small business owners get tripped up. Keep track of the client projects you’re delaying until you get back, new projects you won’t be starting until you get back, and all of the meetings and phone calls you’re scheduling for when you return. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a big mess of too much work, not enough time, and a whole-lot-a-stress when you’re ready to dive back in.

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The benefit of being a business owner is that you are your company. Vacations are short, rare, and more like an interruption of the thing you actually like doing. Still, they’re important to take, so you need to do what you can to take a vacation as a business owner every so often, give yourself a break, decompress and destress, and come back renewed and refreshed. It can be tough to do, but if you try these steps, you can find some time away for you and your family. Just get away for a little while and enjoy the time off.

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