32 Vitamin C-Rich Foods to Turn Off Stress Hormones

Does stress have you ever pulling out your hair regularly? There’s one other incentive to cut back your stress ranges apart from preserving your locks intact: you will additionally cut back stomach fats.

If you’re emotionally confused, it means your physique is producing greater ranges of a hormone often called cortisol. In line with Yale researchers, on this nerve-racking state, cortisol will trigger your physique to retailer fats, and stomach fats particularly.

In addition to reserving some me time to calm down, one other method to cut back stress and cortisol ranges is just by occurring a visit to your closest grocery retailer. Because it seems, you may as well eat your stress away, due to explicit meals that counteract cortisol. These meals are loaded with vitamin C, a nutrient which analysis has discovered to decrease emotions of stress. Nosh on these vitamin C meals under after which preserve the good selections going by familiarizing your self with this stuff it’s essential to do for a flat stomach, and any of the 15 Underrated Weight Loss Ideas That Truly Work.

Listed from least to most stress-busting vitamin C

The next meals are thought-about to be an “Glorious Supply” of vitamin C, which implies they supply greater than 20% of your DV. With a 60 milligrams per day advice, that interprets to over 12 milligrams of vitamin C per commonplace portion measurement.

Cherries in bowl

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 15 mg, 25% DV

Tart and candy, cherries are like sweet from the earth. They’re about 81 p.c water per quantity so that they’ll fill you up for only a few energy and a one cup serving boasts 1 / 4 of the day’s vitamin C. Cherries have additionally been marked as a pure sleep help due to their melatonin content material. And talking of catching some Zzz’s, make sure to learn up on these methods to drop some weight in your sleep!

Fresh cranberries

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 13.3 mg, 22% DV

They don’t seem to be simply identified for his or her UTI-fighting powers; cranberries are additionally one of many lowest-sugar fruits, which makes them a tasty pop of shade to your salads or on prime of a smoothie bowl.

Asparagus with lemon

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup boiled, 13.8 mg, 23% DV

This diuretic vegetable is likely one of the prime plant-based sources of tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid which serves as the inspiration for serotonin stimulation. When your physique produces extra serotonin it will possibly increase your temper. Asparagus additionally boasts excessive ranges of folate, a nutrient that will combat melancholy. Between all that and the vitamin C, these inexperienced stalks are like little sticks of immediate pleasure!

Fresh blueberries plastic pint

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 14.4 mg, 24% DV

Preventing off belly-fat-triggering cortisol is definitely kinda low on a blueberry’s to-do listing. However that is comprehensible when that is as a result of the little blue bullet is busy boosting mind energy, blasting stomach fats, serving to your coronary heart and reducing blood stress, preventing free radicals, and heading off starvation pangs. So yeah, be at liberty to throw a cup of blueberries into your smoothie, salad, or simply eat ’em straight! Watch our video on easy methods to make a Blueberry Dazzler Smoothie, one of many take a look at panelists’ favorites from the best-selling Zero Stomach Smoothies!

Pearl tomatoes on vine

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 10.2 mg, 34% DV

Conventionally grown tomatoes are good to your well being, however analysis means that the natural varieties are even higher. Why? They’ve the next stage of disease-fighting polyphenols and vitamin C. Dip ’em in hummus as a snack or pile them onto sandwiches and salads to reap the health-boosting advantages.

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Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 27 mg, 45% DV

An unsung hero of the produce part, turnips are excessive in belly-fat-blasting phytochemicals and vitamin C. They’re additionally wealthy in fiber, which inspires satiety. A bonus: glucosinolates, the chemical that provides turnips their bitter style, has been proven to cut back irritation that may result in prostate most cancers, in accordance with a examine revealed in BJU Worldwide. Turnips have the second highest ranges of glucosinolates of any vegetable. They’re tasty as a stand-in for mashed potatoes, with one-third the energy and carbs. And for simpler weight reduction hacks take a look at these lazy methods to drop some weight.

white potatoes in bowl

Vitamin C content material: 1 massive potato (baked), 28.7 mg, 48% DV

Cease feeling spooked by spuds; you may completely eat this starch and reap some flat-belly advantages! Potatoes provides you with a dose of potassium and fiber, and baking (as an alternative of boiling) them unlocks extra of the vitamin C. That mentioned, you may’t go flawed with boiling after which chilling them, both; cooling cooked potatoes turns them right into a resistant starch, which means your physique will digest them slower and your blood sugar ranges will not go haywire.


Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 32.3 mg, 53.8% DV

Who would not adore raspberries? Youngsters love ’em as a result of they’re candy, cooks like them as a result of they’re tasty and good to have a look at, and nutritionists swoon over their dietary resumé. Filled with antioxidants, insoluble fiber, and vitamin C, these berries cut back fat-causing irritation whereas preserving you full and glad.

Sweet potato avocado mexican

Vitamin C content material: 1 massive candy potato (baked), 35.3 mg, 59% DV

Low on the glycemic index however excessive in fiber, candy potatoes are a fan favourite as a result of they preserve you feeling fuller for longer. They’re additionally full of highly effective antioxidants that stabilize blood sugar ranges and decrease insulin resistance, which prevents energy from being transformed into fats.

Red cabbage chopped

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup shredded, 39.9 mg, 66% DV

Including shredded cabbage right into a salad is an effective way to get a superb dose of vitamin C. And for those who determine to boil it, you will unlock a waterfall of antioxidants as properly. Your selection!

bok choy

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 44.2 mg, 74% DV

Not solely will bok choy give your vitamin C counts a lift, it will possibly additionally assist stop hair loss. No, actually! It is probably the greatest meals to your hair as a result of it is excessive in iron and can assist your ferritin ranges.


Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 52 mg, 86% DV

This candy, citrusy fruit gives almost 90 p.c of the day’s vitamin C in a small one cup serving, making it a worthy addition to your weekly grocery lot. Nosh on tangerines solo or throw one into your smoothie with some tofu and vanilla plant protein powder. The ascorbic acid in tangerines helps the physique take in iron from tofu and the flavors mix to make a grown-up model of a Creamsicle.

Roasted cauliflower

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 52 mg, 86% DV

Right here at Eat This, Not That! we’re huge followers of cauliflower. Not solely is it a nutrient-dense flat stomach meals, but it surely’s additionally an extremely versatile swap for carb-laden, starchy meals. Mashed cauliflower can stand in for mashed potatoes and tiny florets can sub for noodles in mac-and-cheese—now that is actual stress-busting consolation meals!

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Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 58 mg, 96% DV

Stress can zap your power and kill your libido. Fortunately, preventing again is as simple as noshing on a cup of cantaloupe. The orange fruit packs a day’s price of vitamin C and makes a tasty addition to every little thing from fat-burning detox waters to a light-weight and refreshing fruit salad.

Green peas

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 58 mg, 97% DV

Do not let these little humble guys idiot you; a cup of inexperienced peas comprises eight instances the protein of a cup of spinach and nearly your complete day of cortisol-crushing vitamin C. Sprinkle them into your salad or add them to an omelet to provide your breakfast a lift.

Mango chunks

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 60 mg, 100% DV

In addition to offering a day’s price of vitamin C in each cup, mango’s tropical scent will remind you of a calming getaway, slashing stress and serving to you slim down concurrently.

Cheerios and milk

Vitamin C content material: ¾ cup, 60 mg, 100% DV

In case you discover it troublesome to suit fruits and veggies into your eating regimen, a fortified cereal is a simple method to load up on a number of good-for-you vitamins, together with chillaxing vitamin C. Although there are many choices within the grocery retailer, we’re followers of Basic Mills Complete Grain Complete and Kellogg’s All-Bran Full Wheat Flakes as a result of they’re crammed with fiber and do not break the calorie or sugar financial institution.


Vitamin C content material: 1 medium, 64 mg, 107% DV

Consuming only one kiwi will present a complete day’s price of chillaxing Vitamin C. Consuming the fruit may also assist combat fatigue, melancholy, and anxiousness, in accordance with a European Journal of Diet examine. Add the tropical fruit to your oatmeal with some unsweetened coconut, throw it right into a smoothie or mix it with different fruits in a light-weight, refreshing salad.

Orange slices

Vitamin C content material: 1 medium, 70 mg, 117% DV

A longtime vitamin C MVP, oranges are additionally good sources of fiber and potassium, and wealthy in cancer-fighting citrus limonoids. Add oranges to a smoothie, stir items into Greek yogurt or eat them on the run for a wonderfully self-contained, de-stressing snack.

Passion fruit

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 71 mg, 118% DV

Along with soothing vitamin C, this South American fruit is a potent supply of vision-protecting vitamin A and satiating fiber. Reduce the fruit in half and eat the pulp with a spoon, or minimize it into items and add the meat and seeds right into a smoothie with some mango, vanilla yogurt, water and ice. And for extra slimming smoothie concepts, take a look at these greatest weight reduction smoothie recipes.


Vitamin C content material: 1 medium, 78 mg, 130% DV

Overflowing with vitamin C, a grapefruit a day can assist preserve your stress hormones at bay. To greatest help your flat-belly efforts, nosh on the fruit as an appetizer. A Metabolism examine discovered the consuming half a grapefruit earlier than meals could assist cut back stomach fats and decrease levels of cholesterol.

Pineapple chunks

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup chunks, 79 mg, 131% DV

What’s to not love about this yellow-hued fruit? Munching on pineapple could make you are feeling as if you are one million miles away on a secluded seashore, nearly immediately. Along with 79 milligrams of vitamin C, it comprises bromelain, a digestive enzyme that helps break down meals and cut back bloating.

Pecans kale salad

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup chopped, 87 mg, 145% DV

Kale, the unofficial king of the produce aisle, boasts 133 p.c of the day’s vitamin A and almost one-and-a-half instances the advisable quantity of vitamin C. Sauteéd kale makes an incredible addition to stir-fry dishes, soups, and omelets, whereas the uncooked selection may be squeezed right into a sandwich or used as a salad or smoothie base.

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Vitamin C content material: 1 cup (diced), 88 mg, 146% DV

Papaya, typically known as “the fruit of the angels,” is an oft-overlooked dietary goldmine. The unique fruit gives a powerful 88 milligrams of vitamin C and a couple of.5 grams of belly-filling fiber for simply 62 energy and 11 grams of sugar.


Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, halved, 89 mg, 148% DV

We’re candy on strawberries as a result of they are a flavorful method to sate cravings and are chock-full of polyphenols, highly effective pure chemical compounds that may assist you to drop some weight–and even cease fats from forming. Slice up a cup and nosh on them as a day snack, add them to salad, or use them in your in a single day oats to get a strong hit of de-stressing vitamin C.

Roasted brussels sprouts

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup cooked, 97 mg, 161% DV

Along with serving up almost two days’ price of vitamin C, this cruciferous veggie is an efficient supply of heart-healthy omega-3s. In case you do not look after fish, sprouts and different meals wealthy within the nutrient like walnuts and flaxseeds are necessary additions to your eating regimen.

Roasted broccoli

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup cooked, 102 mg, 170% DV

Along with its spectacular vitamin C content material, broccoli is crammed with a robust cancer-killing agent known as sulforaphane that will increase testosterone and fights body-fat storage. Fill your plate with this inexperienced superfood to maintain stress and sickness at bay.

banana peppers

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, 103 mg, 171% DV

This South American pepper is thought for its banana-esque form and delicate but tangy taste. Ask the particular person behind the deli counter to throw a handful onto your sandwich to get a vitamin C increase within the midst of your hectic workday.

Black currants

Vitamin C content material: ½ cup, 160 mg, 267% DV

Sometimes utilized in jams or juices, black currants are tart little berries that are not very talked-about within the U.S. however do supply an thrilling array of vitamin. Not solely are they wealthy in vitamin C, specialists reportedly say black currants have as much as twice as many antioxidants as blueberries.

Sliced red bell pepper

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup, uncooked, chopped 190 mg, 316% DV

Due to the metabolism-boosting compound dihydrocapsiate and their excessive vitamin C content material, bell peppers make a strong addition to any weight reduction eating regimen. Dip slices of the veggie into hummus, add the veggie to sandwiches and salads or throw some steak in a corn tortilla with salsa, black beans, pink pepper and onion for a Mexi-inspired dinner.

Mustard spinach

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup chopped, 195 mg, 325% DV

Mustard spinach, or tendergreen mustard, is among the many most vitamin C-filled veggies within the grocery store. And contemplating it is a member of the brassica household, that is no shock. A lot of its cousins (like cauliflower, kale, and broccoli) are additionally potent sources of the nutrient. Add the peppery inexperienced into Asian-inspired stir-fries.

Sliced guava

Vitamin C content material: 1 cup uncooked, 376 mg, 626% DV

Guava is likely one of the most vitamin C-packed meals on the earth. The candy fruit packs almost every week’s price of vitamin C right into a mere one-cup serving. It additionally has the next focus of lycopene (a cancer-fighting antioxidant) than some other fruit or vegetable. By no means eaten one earlier than? You is likely to be stunned to search out the fruit overflowing with seeds. Do not hassle attempting to eat round them—they’re edible, so simply dig in!

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