13 Sacred Geometry Symbols & Their Meanings

What Is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry symbols are often known as historical shapes and patterns which are believed to signify all dwelling issues.

These symbols are thought to be essentially the most excellent/divine shapes as a result of they’re thought to be the blueprints of many life varieties within the universe.

Additionally dubbed because the language of the gods, these sacred symbols are additionally an outline of all the pieces that’s mystical and summary on this world.

13 Sacred Geometry Symbols

#1 The Flower Of Life

flower of life, sacred geometry

First on our listing of sacred geometry symbols is the Flower of Life. This image accommodates all mandatory details about each dwelling factor on this world. Furthermore, it depicts the interconnectedness of all life varieties.

It exhibits how people are nothing however enhances to different life varieties, and vice versa. This reminds us that all the pieces on this universe is molded from a single life blueprint. 

The Flower of Life has overlapping seven symmetrical circles to the form of a flower. Many individuals consider that this formation represents the expansion of a tree – from rising roots to bearing fruits.

#2 Sri Yantra

sri yantra, sacred shapes

The Sri Yantra is a sacred image that may be traced again to Hinduism. For the Hindus, this form is the proper visible illustration for his or her meditation syllable Om.

The Sri Yantra accommodates each the masculine and the female power of the world, in addition to the cosmos. It’s the biggest supply of power, energy, and creativity. 

The Sri Yantra has 9 overlapping triangles. 4 triangles level upward carry all masculine power and energy.

Then again, the remaining triangles that time downwards are seen because the divine female.

#3 Metatron’s Dice

metatrons cube, metatron cube, metatron's cube

One other sacred geometry image that may be traced again to faith is the Metatron’s Dice.

Named after an Archangel in Christianity, the Metatron’s Dice is the primary equalizer of all of the power flowing within the universe.

It additionally protects the power of each present life kind by sending power to those that could also be in want. True to its archangel nature, the Metatron’s Dice is taken into account because the guardian of the universe.

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This image accommodates the 5 platonic solids which signify the 5 parts of the universe: earth, hearth, water, wind, and spirit.

#4 The Seed Of Life

seed of life, sacred geometry

The Seed of Life symbolizes creations and beginnings. Similar to the Flower of Life, this image has seven overlapping circles, albeit smaller.

Many consider that these seven circles painting the seven sorts of chakra and the seven days of creation. This sacred form is seen in varied church buildings and temples everywhere in the world.

With one circle on the middle and 6 circles surrounding it, the overlapping of those shapes is seen as an ideal depiction of how every day of creation is interdependent with one another.

The creation of the universe was an intricate course of: one can by no means exist with out the creation of the opposite. The circle on the middle is the fruits the place each creation has lastly come collectively. 

#5 The Hexahedron

hexahedron, sacred geometry symbol

The Hexahedron is among the 5 Platonic Solids. As every platonic form represents one common ingredient, the Hexahedron represents the earth with its secure foundations.

The Hexahedron is thought to include constant power which supplies gentle to all dwelling issues, particularly people. It’s believed to be the assembly level of the spirit and the physique.

If an individual is searching for consistency and stability, that is the image to affiliate with.

#6 The Tetrahedron

One other form from the Platonic Solids group is the Tetrahedron which represents hearth. It symbolizes ardour, drive, and desires.

It could additionally imply bodily well being. As a result of the Tetrahedron is taken into account the closest to the Solar’s power, it’s seen as a fantastic supply of therapeutic energy too. 

#7 The Icosahedron

icosahedron, sacred geometry shapes

Representing the ingredient of water, the Icosahedron is the third of our Platonic Solids. This sacred form symbolizes fluidity, motion, and alter.

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Its tranquil power can be related to therapeutic and realignment. The Icosahedron goals to inform us that we have to belief the move of the universe.

Anybody who goes towards the route of its tide will discover it tough to navigate via life.

#8 The Octahedron

octahedron, sacred geometry, sacred shape

One other Platonic Strong is the Octahedron. It has eight an identical faces and represents the ingredient of air. This sacred form is finest related to religious awakening.

It helps folks to realize greater vibrational frequency. Because it represents the air, can be believed to clear all sorts of power. In essence, the Octahedron can function a protector of our power identical to the Metatron’s Dice.

#9 The Dodecahedron

The final of the Platonic Solids, the Dodecahedron represents the spirit. It symbolizes the mysticism and abstractness of the universe. This sacred sample is deemed as the final word air purifier of the universe’s power.

It could cleanse the power of a room, of an individual, or of a state of affairs. Lastly, it helps in cultivating harmonious relationships amongst people and even different life varieties. 

#10 Everlasting Knot

eternal knot

As its identify suggests, the Everlasting Knot represents totally different sides of infinity. It could seek advice from the countless move of knowledge within the universe.

To some, it’s the intertwining of faith and secular affairs. For different religions, the Everlasting Knot is the countless cycle of start, demise, and rebirth.

This sacred image vastly represents time, progress, and cycle.

#11 Star of David

The Star of David is created from overlapping two triangles, every dealing with upward and downward.

This six-pointed star signifies God, people, and Torah’s teachings (a e-book within the Bible).

An individual’s soul is claimed to be related to God solely via their observance of Torah’s teachings. Those that don’t maintain these teachings of their hearts are believed to have a fickle relationship with the Creator. 

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General, the Star of David represents our relationship with God and the assorted efforts we exert in enriching it.

#12 Hamsa


The Hamsa is hottest in Center Jap cultures.

This sacred geometry image resembles the bearer of prosperity, happiness, and good well being.

There are numerous interpretations of the hand, however the most typical perception is that the Hamsa hand portrays the act of elevating our arms to worship the Divine.

#13 The Torus

The Torus is a sphere-shaped image that represents the stability between spirit and matter. This sacred sample is all about aligning the power so it will probably move backwards and forwards from a robust focus.

It goals to depict how the power flows from matter to soul and vice versa. The Torus teaches us how balancing the way in which your power flows inside and outdoors you may result in a harmonious and peaceable life.

Understanding These Sacred Geometry Symbols And Their Meanings

Meditating with these sacred geometry symbols will certainly carry your spirits to the next vibrational frequency.

sacred geometry, sacred geometry symbols, sacred shapes

After you have grasped the that means behind every image, now you can use them as an anchor in your manifesting. For instance, you may stability your chakras through the use of the Seed of Life.

You should purchase a Seed of Life card, or you may draw the form your self. Deal with every circle as your individual chakra and shade them with their corresponding hues.

As you get to every circle, strive tapping into its assigned chakra power. You too can use different divinatory instruments reminiscent of crystals when meditating with these sacred geometry symbols.

What’s your favourite sacred geometry image? Share it with us within the feedback beneath!

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