10 Tips on How to Meal Plan – Make Meal Planning Work for YOU!

Not one person is the same, so not one kind of meal planning works for everyone! I grew up with a Mom who meal planned and my sisters and I have meal planned for YEARS! I’m sharing my 10 tips that will help you meal plan! Whether you are trying to save money, save time, or just plain stop eating out – these tips on how to meal plan are just for you!

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11 thoughts on “10 Tips on How to Meal Plan – Make Meal Planning Work for YOU!”

  1. Thank u so much for this video. U really cslm down my anxiety and adhd. U break it down clear and simple. Ur calm voice probabley helps!😅 this is exactly what me and my boyfriend were looking for something simple and easy for weekly meal planner and you broke it down to understand it really easy and where to start

  2. Thanks always looking for tips! What I found helpful is categorizing types of foods like Italian, Mexican, American, Comfort Foods, Breakfast for dinner etc. For each day of the a week I will have one of these categorized food groups but not necessarily on a particular day, I have a binder with four or five recipes from each category of recipes we like.

  3. Thanks for the great meal planning tips! I’ve been meal planning for a couple months, but it has gotten old already even with including different recipes into the mix. We are a low carb family and absolutely love using our pressure cooker for our meals. Maybe the Six Sisters could do a meal plan for low carb/Keto eaters 😊

  4. I've been doing Fridays at the store for a while but I thinking I'm going to switch it to Monday. I make my kids lunches and what usually happens is my kids will eat alot of the stuff I have bought for it before monday rolls around. lol I really which that my local store did the order online and pick it up but we're not there yet! lol

  5. Due to the way our income is, I can only do one large grocery trip a month. And I usually have about $300 to spend. The only items we will refill before the month is up is bread and milk (We have kiddos). Otherwise, if it's out, it's out. I meal plan…but I am so stuck! Any tips to help me figure out how to make it all last longer? Stretch further? Thank you for such a great video! ❤

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